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Andris and Anouska Meszaros

Andris was born in Miskolc, Hungary and trusted Christ at the age of 16 during an evangelistic meeting held in his home church. After graduating from the Word of Life Hungary Bible School in 2001, he joined the WOL Hungary full time staff. Anouska was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and trusted Christ when she was 12 at a Billy Graham crusade, which she attended with her Sunday School class.

Anouska attended Word of Life camps in her teens and was involved in the WOLUK Associate Staff programme before enrolling at the WOL Bible School in Hungary. It was there that she met Andris and they were married in 2003. The Lord has blessed them with three children; Kira (born in November 2007), Jacob (October 2010), and Aaron (May 2016).

Andris and Anouska served with WOL Hungary until 2012, when the Lord led them to join the WOLUK staff with an emphasis on children’s ministry. They live in Edinburgh and have many opportunities for evangelism in churches, and schools all over Scotland, as well as in North East England.

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