Reaching youth whose needs constantly change with Biblical truth that never changes.  
  Holiday Bible Clubs

With a combination of interactive age-sensitive Bible lessons produced by our own staff, craft and games, many unique to WOLUK, Holiday Bible Clubs (HBC) are an excellent way to reinforce the local church children's programme and encourage new children to come.

Creative full-time and Associate staff can overcome even the most challenging church halls!  Choosing to include a WOLUK-run family night or Sunday family service at the close of the HBC can encourage parents who have never come to church to join in.

HBC's are run both during term break and as after school or early evening clubs during term time, according to the local church preference.
Weekends and Conferences

WOLUK staff are available to provide ministry as well as programme activities, if required, for youth and church weekends throughout the country.  Staff are also available for conferences.

WOL provided the speaker at our weekend conference last year and the guests really appreciated the
practical ministry. Bob Howells